Maybe we’ll show some mercy, maybe you’ll get what you deserve.

Releasing the Demons revision status:

19900 / 106850

I rewrote a scene, and I’m not sure if I’m quite happy with it, so I’m going to read it over again tomorrow. Sometimes giving it a few days helps me figure out if it works. I had to revamp (ha!) my big baddy into a whole new man (not Cyrus, Mathias for those who have read it). He has a new name, new face and a new story–I like him a whole lot better. Still has an “old world” attitude with a more modern edge. And he’s Russian. 😉

I also had to rename my heroine. Her name was Olivia, but then a friend of mine pointed out that there’s an officer Olivia on the CSI show (which I’ve never watched) and that Rachel Vincent has a cop named Liv in her Blood Bound book. Considering my heroine is an NYPD detective, well, that wasn’t going to work out. So now her name is Valerie, but everyone calls her Val.

I realized I had a lot of tense issues throughout the draft, so I’m glad I’m going through this with a fine tooth comb. I’m cutting all the pop culture references and anything that could make the book age. Granted, it’ll age no matter what, but I can try to keep it as fresh as possible. I’m also cutting the medical jargon…sometimes I cannot control myself, lol.

I’m really happy and excited about this though. It’s good to feel that way again. 🙂

I leave you with some of my musical inspiration for this book. Trent Reznor is my musical god, I swear.

Hope everyone is accomplishing all of their goals. 😀

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