Writing Distractions

I’m blogging over at the SMP website about writing distractions. Stop on by for a visit! 🙂

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I just signed up for Pinterest and it’s like crack—totally addictive (not that I would know if crack is addictive…oh, forget it). I’ve started storyboards and gone through all of my saved image files, just PINNING ALL THE THINGS. Meanwhile (oh my, the time is just flying!), I’ve blown off hours of potential writing time.


I tend to do social media on the go—during breaks at work, while I’m drinking coffee in the morning, when I’m standing in line at the grocery store, etc. Sometimes (most times) I’m burned out by the end of the day and I need something mindless to do. But when I think back and realize how much time I spent doing “mindless things”, I feel guilty and realize I could’ve wrote X amount of words in that time. I do the same thing with TV shows and movies (particularly if they’re bad)—I usually…

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2 Responses to Writing Distractions

  1. Hmm. Pretty sneaky penning a warning post about the dangers of sublime internet distractions with a link to your interest board with THIS bit of awesomeness! https://www.pinterest.com/writerldrose/releasing-the-demons/

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