Guest blog and character interview with Grace McConnell!

Hey everyone! Today I have my very first character interview with Grace McConnell from Kim Loraine’s RESTORATION. She has a fascinating (and sad) story and I’m really excited to have her here today.

L.D.: Hi Grace! Welcome. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Grace: Hello! I’m thirty-three years old. I’m from Golden Beach, Virginia and until recently I’d never lived anywhere else. My parents still live there.

L.D.: I’ve been to Virginia Beach twice and had a great time, but I understand about staying close to your parents when you were engaged. More on that later. Tell us about your work.

Grace: I’m a restorative architect. I restore historic structures and make sure they maintain their historical status. I love it.

L.D.: That sounds like a lot of fun! One of my goals is to restore an abandoned old church someday and make it my home. If you had a day to do anything you wanted, what would you do?

Grace: I guess that depends on who I am with. If I were by myself I’d spend the day in Scotland, roaming the highlands, checking out all of the amazing architecture of the castles and ancient structures that are still standing.

L.D.: I’d love to go to Scotland someday. I’ve never been and I’m sure the architecture is wonderful. Favorite alcoholic beverage?

Grace: Red wine. Lemondrop Martinis come a close second though.

L.D.: Mmm, lemondrop martinis! We should have a round now. 😉 Along with some really good music. What’s your favorite band?

Grace: I love something with a nice driving beat. I’m a runner and my playlist is always upbeat to help me keep going. Muse is usually my go-to, but I’m not against a little Britney Spears either.

L.D.: Muse is great! And I’m not against Britney either–she has some great songs to dance to. Running is so exhilarating, isn’t it? Especially when you’re listening to something with a hefty dose of bass. 😀 Now let’s get down to business and talk about that sexy Brit you met in the U.K. What do you love most about Drew?

Grace: He’s kind. It is easy for people to be nice. Nice is so different from kind. Drew’s kindness is there in everything he does. He genuinely cares about his friends, his family, and his community.

L.D.: He sounds like a great guy. And I think there’s definitely a difference between “nice” and “kind”. Nice seems obligatory whereas kindness is genuine. Before RESTORATION began, what were your hopes for the future?

Grace: My hopes were to eventually marry John. To build a life in Golden Beach, have a family, be happy.

L.D.: What changed?

Grace: Everything. John died. My world ended. I left everything I’d ever known and took a job in the U.K. just to get away from it all.

L.D.: Which is totally understandable, as I’m sure many would do the same. I’m so sorry to hear about John. 😦 Sometimes we have to take a risk and do something big for ourselves to help us heal, which it sounds like you did. And I’m sure Drew helped a little with that too. 😉

Well, it looks like our time is up! Do you have any parting thoughts for our readers before you go?

Grace: Hm, that’s tough. I feel like I need to lay some wisdom down on you or something. I guess I’ll just say, it gets better. I was at my worst until I met Drew. I’d thought I would never find another person I could love again. He proved me wrong.

L.D.: And I’m so glad he did! I’m looking forward to reading more about your story in RESTORATION. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Check out Grace in RESTORATION, a fantastic contemporary romance by Kim Loraine.

Restoration #7b Final (medium 600X900) copy

After the tragic death of her fiancé, Grace McConnell turns to the only remaining constant in her life, her work. So when she’s offered the lead position for an international restoration project, she jumps at the chance to get away from her small town, full of John’s memories.

Drew Tensley has always been a hard worker. Dedicated to his family and community, he put aside his own London career to take over the family business after his mother’s terminal diagnosis. Five years later, he’s ready to start living for himself when he literally runs into his hometown’s newest architect.

Grace quickly discovers that traveling halfway across the world was the best decision she’s ever made. Until she meets Drew, a man whose personality and lifestyle are the exact opposite of John’s, but whose face is the spitting image. Struggling with her own motivations and feelings, research uncovers secrets she isn’t ready for; secrets that could ruin her second chance for true love.

Buy link for Restoration:


“So, this is really something people do here? Dress up and pretend they’re colonials?”

“Well, they’re paid. It’s a job for them, and I think they’re a little crazy.” She smiled and elbowed him. “I mean, who would want to pretend to be … English?”

“Oi, watch it, you.” He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him. “I’ll teach you not to be so cheeky.”

“Really? Promise?”

Drew lowered his lips to hers in a searing kiss. His hand pressed against her lower back and pulled her to him.

“Promise,” he whispered, heat in his voice.

Her heart sped up as his breath feathered across her neck. “Let’s go.” She wiggled away from him, a heated blush creeping up her cheeks as she noticed the few people on the street who’d stopped to watch them.

“How long until we’re somewhere private, love?”

“A few hours at least, depending on traffic.”

He groaned. “I don’t think I can wait that long.”

She tried to hide her smile of satisfaction at his professed need. “We could always go back to the hotel. If you don’t want to see our display of independence from English dominance and tyranny.”

“Oh, I’ll give you plenty of English dominance and tyranny. In fact, I’m reasonably sure you’re going to quite enjoy it.”

(Ah, I love it! :D)


Kim Loraine started writing at a young age, scribbling down song lyrics, short stories, and poems she was too afraid to share with anyone. Busy working as a music teacher in her Pacific Northwest hometown, it wasn’t until her family of four picked up everything and moved to beautiful Japan that she decided to finally take the plunge and send her characters out into the world.

The central theme in Kim’s books is self-discovery, whether that is found through taking risks, breaking down walls, or admitting mistakes. Kim likes to write characters that seem like ‘someone you actually know’, who find that love is a journey not without its challenges.

When not writing Kim spends her time with her husband, chasing around their crazy kids, exploring Japan, and binge-watching Doctor Who on Netflix.

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7 Responses to Guest blog and character interview with Grace McConnell!

  1. Beth Carter says:

    What a fun character interview! I can tell I’m going to like Grace and can’t wait to read RESTORATION. I’ve built three houses with two husbands (lol) so I enjoy restoration and construction stories. Nicely done, ladies.

  2. Great excerpt! Sounds like a wonderful story. Best of luck, Grace.

  3. Love a man with an accent 😉 Fun excerpt!

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