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C.D. Hersh

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Releasing the Demons


L.D. Rose

Hi! Thanks for joining us on Friday Features Blog Series.

Today’s interview is with Blaze Knight, a half-vampire mercenary from the Order of the Senary, and Valerie Medeiros, an NYPD detective from south Bronx, NY. They’re here today after their many adventures from RELEASING THE DEMONS, talking to C.D. Hersh!

How did you two meet?

*both exchange looks and laugh*

Blaze: *jerks his thumb at Valerie* She arrested me.

Valerie: For good reason, even if he wasn’t the right guy!

Blaze: I was definitely not the right guy.

Valerie: *pitches a sigh* I’m never going to live this down, am I?

Blaze: Nope.

What attracted you to her? Him?

Blaze: Her eyes. Always her eyes. Everything else was just a bonus.

Valerie: *blushes* Honestly, I was completely terrified of him when we first met. And even though it…

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