Interview with romantic suspense author, Amy Deason!

Well, hello there, ladies and gents! Been awhile since I’ve had an author interview and what a great way to start than with romantic suspense author,  Amy Deason! I’m halfway through her debut novel, ANGELS IN THE SHADOWS, and so far it’s delicious! Her hero, Seth, is to die for (literally) and you should all check him out for yourselves. 😉 But more on that later. Without further ado…

Welcome, Amy! I’m thrilled to have you here. Tell us about your latest release.

Angel in the Shadows is a suspenseful romance novel. Good guy versus bad guy with an innocent young woman caught in the middle. Seth Reynolds is a part of a highly secret organization called The Perfect Order. His current mission has him undercover as a personal assistant to the wealthy billionaire, Vance Goldston. A billionaire that happens to have a God Complex and is intent on killing thousands of people for his own benefit. The plan to dispose of Vance is all set and ready to go until Madison Sinclair, a photographer covering a party at Vance’s mansion, inadvertently witnesses something she shouldn’t have. So now Seth has to keep her alive while still fulfilling his mission of taking Vance out.

And yes, this story is as awesome as it sounds! What was the hardest thing about writing this book? The easiest?

Believe it or not, the hardest part of writing this book was writing from Madison’s point of view. It took me a long time to get inside her head. However, the easiest part was writing Seth’s point of view. It’s kind of scary how easy his thoughts and words came out…

I’m totally on the same page as you (pun intended, ha). I definitely prefer to write from the male POV than female. If you could bring one of your characters (villain or hero) to life, who would you chose? Why?

I think if I could bring one of my characters to life, it would most likely be Seth. I choose him because there is just something so intriguing about someone that is able to disappear and reappear like magic all the while trying to do his best to save innocent lives.

I’d bring him to life for much different reasons. 😛 Paramount Pictures wants to make a movie about your latest novel. Who plays the main characters?

For Seth Reyonlds, I would choose Timothy Olyphant. If you have ever watched Hitman, then you have seen Seth Reynolds only bald. Timothy`s character is exactly how I picture Seth. Cold, ruthless, highly skilled but when a woman’m an comes into the picture, he is less than secure with the situation.

Actor Timothy Olyphant

For Madison Sinclair, it would have to be Carey Mulligan. She has a pretty girl-next-door quality, which is perfect for Maddie.


For the evil Vance Goldston, it would be William Baldwin. Handsome, successful and a billionaire.


And for the anonymous Charlie Dubois, the leader of The Perfect Order, Cate Blanchett.


Awesome cast! Tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I have always loved to read and I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I am a busy mother of three and I am married to the most wonderful man in the world who I am totally in love with. I love sappy movies (Twilight-TOTALLY team Edward, Titanic-why couldn’t they have shared that big piece of wood or took turns at least, City of Angels, Remember Me, etc) and scary movies (although the characters in The Grudge and The Ring completely terrify me), and I am a sucker for borderline pretty guys (think Robert Pattinson or my delicious hubby 🙂 )

OMG, I thought the same freaking thing in Titanic! I’m like WTF, share that piece of wood, damn it! Ugh. ANYWAY, tell us one thing about yourself your readers may not know about you.

Ok, here it goes…I am deathly afraid of grasshoppers. When I was little, my younger sister would chase me around the house with them. And let me tell you, it is absolutely horrifying to be chased by someone holding one of those nasty, alien-like, jumping things…

Haha! I don’t particularly care for them either, but I’ve never been terrified of insects (except maybe bees, but that’s because I’m afraid of going into anaphylactic shock, lol). But I digress. So I’m dying to know, what are you working on now?

Whenever I can catch a free moment (doesn’t happen every often), I work on the second book in The Perfect Order series–Stone Cold Angel. Or one of my other endeavors including a children’s book series and a serial killer series.

Sounds fantastic! Tell us where can we find you so we can keep up to speed on such endeavors. 😀

Thanks so much for stopping by, Amy! And to you dear reader, for checking out this great new author. Read more below about ANGEL IN THE SHADOWS and pick up your copy today!


Never Turn Your Back…
Never Reveal Your Name…
Never Surrender Your Heart…

Madison Sinclair is a smart-mouthed photographer that enjoys the simple things in life. Recently landing a job at one of Manhattan’s top imaging companies, she works hard to prove herself but often falls short of the mark. Taking pictures of the New York scenery, relaxing at home with a glass of wine, and caring for her stray cat is the highlight of her day. But when her best friend convinces her into covering a charity event thrown by a handsome billionaire, Madison’s life suddenly becomes anything but simple as she finds herself in a constant race for survival. There is nowhere she can turn, no one she can trust.

Seth Reynolds has been in the game a long time. He knows how to get in, get a job done, and get out with no complications and no witnesses. Trained to be cold and heartless, he is committed to follow through with this mission no matter what. Racing against an impossible time table, everything is in place to take out the madman intent on destroying New York City. But when the naïve Madison Sinclair stumbles into his world, all of his carefully laid plans go to hell.

Determined to do what is right at all costs, Seth must choose between the rules he’s lived by his entire life or saving Madison from a fate worse than death. If he follows orders, he will be an unsung hero, saving millions of innocent people. But if he risks his own life for Madison’s, the entire city will be in jeopardy. The choice should be easy. Risk one to save many. That’s the unbreakable code of The Perfect Order. But now, without even trying, Madison has gotten under his skin and inside his heart. With
the fate of the city resting in his hands, how he can do the right thing when he no longer knows what that is?



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Amy currently lives in NW Arkansas with her wonderful husband, Shaun, and three energetic children. But of course their family would not be complete without their two loveable shih tzus, Tucker and Dylan.

When Amy’s not working or writing, or possibly sneaking in a few quiet minutes of quiet reading, she can be found with her family riding bicycles around town, playing sports, watching movies, or taking pictures. (Although she takes so many photographs, the kids try to run and hide every time she breaks out the camera).

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Physician by day, award-winning author of dark PNR/UF by night. Music addict. Wannabe superhero. Amazon author page:
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14 Responses to Interview with romantic suspense author, Amy Deason!

  1. AmesGrace says:

    Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I love your questions and I had a lot of fun being here. You did a great job!! 😊 By the way, your book, Releasing the Demons was awesome. I really enjoyed reading it.

    • L.D. Rose says:

      Thank you for stopping by today, Amy! I loved your answers and you did a far better job than me. 😉 I’m thrilled you loved RtD! I’ll let you know as soon as I’m finished with Angel in the Shadows, but so far, it’s fantastic! 😀

  2. Jenny Lynn says:

    Amy this sounds like a great book, I can’t wait to read it. Just so everyone knows the grasshopper comment is 110% true, yep I did that to her, LOL.

  3. I read Amy’s book and enjoyed it thoroughly! It was an exciting adventure with an irresistible hero, Seth. Good luck Amy, this book is a keeper!

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  5. Haha. I think grasshoppers are about the cutest insect there is, right up there with lady bugs. But then again I think that Australia’s huge hairy Huntsman spiders have the sweetest eyes ever, so maybe it is me. Loved your book Amy, loved Seth even more.

  6. Amy was my sister-in-law. I can’t wait to read her book. She used to read me her short stories. Tey were amazing.

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