Paid Book Promotions: Yay or Nay?


Hello, lovelies!

I wanted to do an elaborate post about Writer’s Block (which will likely be my next topic here at the SMP blog), but it’s been a crazy few months and I’m a little short on time (deadlines abound in all aspects of my life). I figured I’d discuss paid promotions today instead as I’ve been researching them this morning. Have you ever tried them? Which companies have worked best for you?

Promotions I’ve tried:

Book Bub: The ultimate and very pricy. Hoping to get a spot when my next book releases! *fingers crossed*

Book Sends: Trying it out when RELEASING THE DEMONS goes on sale this month.

Bargain Booksy: Also trying this one out. We shall see.

EReader News Today: Been attempting this one, have yet to get a spot in time. Hopefully this month. Heard great things about it.

I Love Vampire Novels

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