Character interview with Abigail Grant from OMEGA MOON RISING!

Hey, lovelies! I have Abigail Grant from MJ Compton’s latest paranormal romance, OMEGA MOON RISING (check out the cover below *drool*). She’s talking about her dire family situation and her sexy hero, Luke Omega. Read on below to learn more about Abby and her story!

Welcome, Abby! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I just turned 21, but I feel so much older. As the first born of a sickly mother, I’m the responsible one. Somebody has to take care of the house and the family, so I do. My younger sister has a lot of issues and requires constant attention. And my stepfather—well, let’s just say he doesn’t fulfill the role my mother had in mind when she married him. So I have that to contend with, too. I thought I was worldly, but meeting Luke Omega changes everything.

Sounds like you have a full plate, for sure! What do you do for work?

My job was to take care of my mother and younger sister. Someday, I hope the local supermarket where Mama worked before she got sick will hire me as a cashier. I’d rather be a song-writer, but that doesn’t bring in money, and money is what keeps a roof over the family’s head and food on the table.

True, that. What about your free time? If you had a day to do anything you wanted, what would you do?

Someone I could truly trust would take over keeping tabs on my sister and I would find a place safe and quiet—a meadow or lakeshore–with my father’s guitar and compose.

Sounds amazing! What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage?

I don’t drink alcohol, but I have to say Moonsinger Beer, because it’s the industry that keeps my town alive. My father owned his own truck and contracted with Moonsinger to haul the product long distance. He provided a good life for us. And I met Luke at the annual Moonsinger Family Picnic. So yeah, Moonsinger Beer.

Good choice and for the right reasons. 🙂 What’s your favorite music?

Country music, of course!

Awesome! So more about this Luke Omega…what do you love most about him?

He does the right thing, even when he doesn’t want to. His instincts are good, even if his brain sometimes derails. He has always stood up for me, even when he thought he didn’t want me.

Sounds like a good man to me. 😉 Before the story began, what were your hopes for the future? 

I was going to be a famous lyricist. I was going to sell my poetry to the local almost-famous band and his performance of my words would catapult us both into fame. Then I could take my sister and escape our horrible home situation.

So what changed?

Luke Omega, drummer for the afore-mentioned almost-famous band, sweet-talked me out of my panties . . . and my virtue.

*gasp* He’s a drummer, too?! I can totally see why he swayed you. ❤ I’d love to chat more, Abby, but it looks like our time is running out. :/ Any parting thoughts for our Dear Readers?

A girl’s first lover should tell her whether or not he’s a werewolf before he makes love to her. Finding out afterward is . . . a shock.

WHOA, yeah, no kidding! A good man, a drummer, and a werewolf…you really do have your hands full! 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by, Abby, and thank you, Dear Reader, for joining us! Read on to find out more about OMEGA MOON RISING and check out the excerpt below!

OmegaMoonRising3 final cover.jpg

Abigail Grant has a secret . . . and a plan to keep her younger sister from suffering the same fate. Her strategy would have worked if she hadn’t been seduced by sweet-talking musician Luke Omega. Suddenly she’s plucked from the life she wanted to escape, but her new circumstances only expose her to a different danger—or is it her salvation?

Luke has a secret, too. He believes he can change his destiny through willpower—and a little blue pill. When he inadvertently gets mixed up in the Grant sisters’ troubles and his pack alpha orders him to marry Abigail, his family insists he tell her he’s a werewolf. But Luke claims Abigail is not his life mate. She doesn’t need to know what happens to him on the full moon.

Until he accidentally stumbles across her secret. Then all bets are off.



She, Abigail Grant, had a date with Luke Omega.

Gary was going to kill her. But Luke Omega would be worth the grief, with his dimples, blond curls, and the indent in his chin. Plus he was a celebrity. But most importantly, he said he would help her get her songs in front of Toke Lobo. After the concert was late, though, and if Gary ever found out, he would make her life miserable.

But she had a date with Luke Omega.

Abby thought about what the lateness might also mean—beyond being a better time to run into Toke Lobo. Luke had been kind to Libby, which meant he was either trying to impress her or he was genuinely a sweet guy. Since nice guys usually ignored her, he must be trying to score points with her by sucking up to her sister, who was difficult at best. Maybe he wanted sex.

Abby wasn’t much of a dreamer any more. When she’d been a little girl and her father was still alive, when she and Libby and Mama were the suns to Daddy’s moon, life had been full of possibilities. But a freak accident left Mama a widow with two girls to support. The last fantasy Abby allowed herself was that Gary and Mama got married because they loved each other. A whole week went by before reality betrayed her.

Nowadays, the closest she came to dreaming was wishing Mama would get better and divorce Gary. But Mama was dying and the family needed Gary’s paycheck and health insurance. Needed to keep paying the taxes on the little house on Silver Moon Terrace in order to keep a roof over their heads.

Abby couldn’t bring herself to tell Mama being homeless might be better. Safer.


MJ Compton Author Photo

MJ Compton grew up near Cardiff, New York, a place best known for its giant, which inspired her to create her own fiction.

Although her 30-year career in local television included such highlights as being bitten by a lion, preempting a US President for a college basketball game, giving a three-time world champion boxer a few black eyes, a mention in the Drudge Report, and meeting her husband, MJ never lost her dream of writing her own stories.

MJ still lives in upstate New York with her husband. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and Central New York Romance Writers. Music and cooking are two of her passions, and she enjoys baseball and college basketball, but she’s primarily focused on wine . . . and writing.

Where to find MJ:

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  1. MJ Compton says:

    Thanks for having me!

  2. Abby, it sounds like you’re on a bumpy road; I hope things work out. And MJ, congrats on the new book!

  3. Okay, so the last line hooked me.

  4. Rocker in a band and werewolf, sounds like a no miss character to me!

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