Are you afraid of the sophomore slump?

Talking about the Sophomore Slump at the SMP blog!


Wikipedia defines the sophomore slump as, “an instance in which a second effort fails to live up to the standards of the first effort.”

Like say, the second book of your series, which is about to release in, ohhhhh, maybe TWO DAYS.

Are you afraid of the sophomore slump?



Over a year ago, I talked about the fear of releasing your debut novel (or the demons, in my case, haha) and that was a terror in and of itself. The thing with writing your second novel is now you have a standard—now you have an established world, characters, and rules you have to abide by and hope you can write a sequel to that world as well as the first.

With a first novel, you had plenty of time to sit there, mull it over, rewrite, ponder the arc, motivations, conflicts, etc. The possibilities were endless…

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