THE STORM WITHIN, the next book in the Soul Mate Tree Series, now available!

I can’t believe we’re already at book eleven! 😀 The next installment of the series is a standalone steamy paranormal romance by Cerian Hebert! Check it out! ❤


I am old, I am ancient,

my purpose is clear

To give those who are needy

a treasure so dear.

They who come to my roots,

touch my bark, stroke my leaves

Find the soul of their lives

if they but believe.

When I call and you listen,

your prize will be great

If your heart remains open

and you don’t hesitate.

Do you yearn? Be you lonely?

Is your time yet at hand?

Reach for me and I’ll give to you.

I’m yours to command.

For your trust, for your faith,

keep my secrets untold

And I’ll gift you forever,

to have and to hold.


Healed from her own loss, Juliana Hopkins wants nothing more than to mend reclusive artist Aidan Byrne’s heart, and help close a chapter in his life that has haunted him for over twenty years. Risking their newfound love, Juliana is determined to release the ghosts he can’t let go.

Aidan has been in love with Juliana since the first moment he saw her, but if she can’t leave the tragedies of his past alone, he won’t be able to make a life with her.

She offers him a love he never dared to want, but loving her could rip open all the old wounds he’d never been able to heal.




It’s all about the romance. Since the age of twelve, Cerian has believed this and has wanted nothing more than to write stories with a Happily Ever After. Countless notebooks are filled with her stories written over the years while she’s worked jobs like cleaning stalls in New York to booking cruises in Maine. Currently she’s happily settled in southwestern New Hampshire, working for a company that offers professional development for educators. In her spare time, she’s busy weaving stories and continuing to pursue her dreams.

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About L.D. Rose

Physician by day, award-winning author of dark PNR/UF by night. Music addict. Wannabe superhero. Amazon author page:
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