A Romance By Any Other Name – Elle Hill

Great post on romance novels by fellow SMP author, Elle Hill.

Before landing at Soul Mate, I sent a past manuscript off to another publisher. It came back with the following comments: “Well-written, but not really a romance.”

After reading my latest novel, my fiancé put it down, turned to me, and said, “It’s weird and awesome, but it’s not a romance.”

Um, what? Of course my books are romances. I’ve been gulping down frothy, romantic yumminess since I was a pre-teen. Heck, I’ve probably read more romances than there are variations on the feisty-heroine-trapped-by-tragic-circumstances-into-a-marriage-she-doesn’t-(but-really-kinda-does)-want, romantic theme. Every stumble into a hero’s arms; every misunderstood interaction with an ex; every improbable, simultaneous orgasm: I’ve read it all, people.

This bodice ain't gonna rip itself, you know. This bodice ain’t gonna rip itself, you know.

Oh yes, I’m a romance professional (a ro-pro?). While I devour a lot of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, I’m truly at home with the romance, from its tried-and-true formulas to its gooey, homey core…

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5 Responses to A Romance By Any Other Name – Elle Hill

  1. Elle Hill says:

    Thank you so much for reblogging this. I’m thrilled the post spoke to you! 🙂

  2. I love the sexy pink corset 🙂 You’re friend wrote a fun post and I like that she writes romance ‘a little differently’ – We should all do that once in a while. It’s good for the genre to change things up now and then.

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