L.D. Rose Reminds Us That When It Comes To Lifelong Dreams, It’s Now Or Never!

Romance Debuts

I am excited to host L.D. Rose, doctor by day, committed writer by night (or weekend…or any other time off!). Her debut novel, Releasing the Demons, has been described as intense and action-packed with heart-pounding, hold-your-breath scenes; as you can imagine, her readers anxiously await another book!

Here, L.D. talks about making time to write, finding inspiration from music, and beating her muse into submission (I’m sure many of you can relate!). Read on for her insights and for excerpts from her debut.

How long have you wanted to be a romance writer?

This may sound crazy, but I didn’t start taking writing seriously until I went to medical school. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a doctor, but I’ve been a writer my entire life and I always wanted to see my work published some day. Working in the medical field and watching people become sick (and…

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About L.D. Rose

Physician by day, award-winning author of dark PNR/UF by night. Music addict. Wannabe superhero. Amazon author page: amazon.com/author/ldrose
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