How being a doctor has made me a better writer.

Well, hello thar! Long time, no blog! 😛 Today I’m talking about how being a doctor has made me a better writer, the second in a two part series Carole Ann Moleti and I decided to conjure up for everyone. 🙂 To see Carole’s awesome post, check it out here.

Although I’ve been a writer my entire life, I decided to become a physician in college since I’d fallen in love with medicine after working in pathology for a few years. I’d never even considered a career in writing, since I didn’t think it was a “real thing.” I grew up poor, so options such as writing, painting, and photography weren’t valid. My father had always told me that success was the ability to support your family and live comfortably, and in my mind, success meant a high-powered career (obviously, I was wrong–success is much more than a career…

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