Beat the Block.

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Yeah, yeah, this has been done a million times before.

But not by me! 😛

Today I’m talking about Writer’s Block, this enigmatic phenomena of when your creative brain hits a wall in a juicy explosion of frustrating glory.

And you have to somehow piece your gray matter back together again.

And mop up all of that juice.

And make the slop coherent enough to put words back on the page.

Of all the writer’s block articles and blogs I’ve read, there’s this constant debate as to whether this marvel of marvels actually exists or if writers use it as an excuse to…you know…not write.

I think it’s a little of both.

Sure, we all get stuck. We sit there and stare at that panic-inducing blank page, a slow fury brewing inside us at that blinking cursor of DOOM, and you’re not going to make your word count—Christ, you haven’t…

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2 Responses to Beat the Block.

  1. Terri-Lynne DeFino says:

    You’re such a DOCTOR! LOL

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