Giveaway and interview with contemporary romance author, Aria Glazki!

Well, hello there, lovelies! 😀 I have the fabulous Aria Glazki on my blog today, talking about her latest spicy contemporary romance, TASTING TEMPTATION, and she also has an awesome prize-pack giveaway! Check out her stories (both personal and fictional)–they’re definitely worth the read. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway below!

Welcome, Aria! Tell us about your latest release.

Tasting Temptation is a super spicy contemporary romance, featuring a couple of characters who want nothing more than some sexy fun from each other—at first. For several chapters, Hunter and Gina don’t even know each other’s names, and neither expects to see the other after the wedding that opens the book (yes, you get to see that happy moment between Kane & Sabella from Mending Heartstrings!). Of course, life gets in the way of their plans, both letting them have a bit more fun together and forcing them to deal with the other’s real-world identity.

Wedding hook-up, sounds awesome. 😉 What was the hardest thing about writing this book? The easiest?

Gina starts this story trying to move forward from a really difficult and hurtful relationship, one which left her with wounds that she’s mostly trying to ignore. Writing that in a genuine way, and leading her through her path to healing in a realistic and relatable way, was definitely a challenge, because as the author you want to be both sensitive to the character and true to life.

The easiest part was knowing she deserved to move past what happened and to find happiness, with a wonderful guy like Hunter—and then getting to make that happen.

Totally agree! Writing about a character with a traumatic past and trying to stay true to that past is always difficult. If you could bring one of your characters (villain or hero) to life, who would you choose? Why?

It would probably be Kane, a considerate, charming musician who also knows how to cook and stands up for his convictions. Then again, he has an advantage—he’s the first character from this world who came into my mind and started me on the crazy journey that is being an author.

You can never forget your first! 😀 Paramount Pictures wants to make a movie about your latest novel. Who plays the main characters?

Can I poll the audience for this one? I don’t actually create “casts” for my books, usually. I have considered that maybe Olivia Munn could be interesting as Gina…


…though I’m sure there are many talented actresses I haven’t heard of who could do the role justice—and that’s why movies have casting directors. 😉 I’m happy to hear suggestions on who should play Hunter!

Touche, re casting directors! Although, I am a big fan of creating casts for my novels–it’s fun and gives me great visuals. 😉 So tell us a little about yourself!

Honestly, my characters are the interesting ones, not me. I’m fairly introverted, and at times I pine for the days when authors were allowed to be recluses, although I love all the wonderful people I’ve met through social media, NaNoWriMo, and RWA. Still, I struggle with all the talking about myself that modern authorship requires. But I promise, I’m much friendlier than it may seem—just shy. As you see here, ask me a good question and you can hardly get me to shut up!

Social media is great fun but can be incredibly draining at times. Tell us one thing about yourself your readers may not know about you.

I was born in a country and city which no longer exist (politics are complicated, right?). Bonus: that bear story in my bio is absolutely true (see below!).

Wow, that is fascinating! Sounds like something out of an espionage movie. 😉 What are you working on now?

I’m continuing work on a modern-day retelling of an old French love story, which has been my most time-consuming project to date—it will be a novella, but it’s already taken me over two years to draft (still not done—ack!). I’ve also started work on Bobby’s story; he’s a character who makes an appearance in this book though you see more of him in Mending Heartstrings. And I have about a dozen more projects in my head, all angry at me that there’s just not enough time in the day…

I can definitely relate, haha! So many stories, so little time. 😀 Thank you so much for stopping by and chatting with us today, Aria! And TASTING TEMPTATION sounds like a great read! Where else can we find you?

I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, and I just joined Instagram, or you can go directly to my website and join my newsletter. I’m also always happy to hear from readers via email: contact AT, or there’s a mailing address available on my site. Basically, any way you’d like to contact me, you can 🙂 And of course, I’ll be hanging out right here, checking in on any comments!

Awesome! And now for more about TASTING TEMPTATION:


After last summer’s failed attempt at romance, Gina is absolutely done with men. And especially with millionaires. She has a good job as a fashion editor and amazing friends, and she’s decided she needs nothing else. All she really misses is the sex. But that rush just isn’t worth the risk of being ensnared in another relationship. When the hot bartender at her best friend’s Sonoma wedding suggests some harmless stress relief, she takes him up on the offer. When it’s sufficiently satisfactory, she indulges in a repeat–for the road. When she learns he’s actually the wealthy owner of the vineyard, the mix of fury and fear is damped only by the knowledge that she never has to see him again.

Hunter Cavaliere is determined to honor his grandfather’s legacy, and so far, he’s right on track. The vineyard is thriving, he has plans for expansion, and his wines speak for themselves. The only thing missing is the right woman to share it all. But through his grandparents’ marriage, Hunter learned what true love is, and he’s unwilling to settle for anything else. A woman who judges him because of his money definitely isn’t high up on his list. Still, when circumstance unbelievably keeps bumping him into the intriguing brunette from Portland, he can’t shake the feeling that she is someone he should pursue.

Gina’s poised to run the other way, but one more taste of Hunter may just prove too tempting to resist.


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Aria Glazki’s first kiss technically came from a bear cub. Though no fairytale transformation followed, she still believes magic can happen when the right people come together—if they don’t get in their own way, that is. So now Aria writes heartfelt romances about relatable people overcoming real-world obstacles to build love that lasts.


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  1. Aria Glazki says:

    Thanks so much for having me!

  2. Kathleen Costa says:

    I have been expanding my reading choices…your work might make for a wonderful read. Thanks.

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